Welcome to The Leaning Tree Massage!

Hi there, my name is Emily! I moved to Kalamazoo from Golden (Denver) Colorado in the summer of 2017. My husband and I wanted a change of pace with a smaller city, more affordable housing, and a new environment (we love the trees here)!  

I have created a very professional and quiet office in my home.  Each of my massages is customized to my clients’ wants and needs, where I combine different modalities to best help them.  Self-care is very important to me, and I educate my clients on stretches that are tailored to improve range of motion and help alleviate pain.  As a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, I have greater knowledge of essential oils, and can help clients support different body systems with specific oils in a safe manner.

Why “The Leaning Tree”?

The tree symbolizes the body and how daily variables and stresses of life change the way it stands. When the body leans it can cause pain and tight muscles, along with imbalance. Here at The Leaning Tree Massage you will receive integrated treatments to help ease pain and discomfort, as well as balance your posture!

Why Massage?

Massage Therapy provides numerous benefits:

Relax and soften injured, tired, and                
overused muscles
~ Help athletes of any level prepare for, and recover
from, strenuous workouts
~ Better your posture ~ Ease medication dependence
~ Decrease muscular tension and discomfort ~ Improve range of motion and joint flexibility
~ Reduce post-surgery adhesions
~ Relieve chronic pain
~ Boost energy ~ Maximize alertness
~ Diminish stress and anxiety  ~ Promote overall sense of well being
~ Minimize spasms and cramping ~ Strengthen immune system
~ Increase circulation leading to healthier
which is then less injury prone
~ Alleviate repetitive stress injuries - headaches
 and TMJD