I grew up in Golden and Colorado has always been my home. I have been practicing massage therapy for several years now, and am constantly interested in learning new techniques and continuing my education. I am fascinated by the body and how the simplest movement or way it is held (sleeping crooked for only 10 minutes) can cause such a huge impact on comfort. I love this career and enjoy helping people live their lives better! 

5 things you do not know about me:

~ I am a GIA Gemologist, so I can tell you all you need to know about diamonds and colored stones.

~ I went on a 7 day cruise all by myself in Hawaii just to get away.

~ I lived in Germany for 16 months and went to a public school without knowing the language - at the age of six.  (I am not a military brat... more like a Coors brat!)

~ I love to travel - Italy is my next major trip!

~ I will sing and talk out loud to dogs - it is fun for both of us!